RC Planes: Be a Pilot of Your World

Whilst real pilots are flying gigantic machines, and having a time of their life, you are often left to ponder if you will ever get a shot at steering the dream handle. Do not lose heart. We bring you a collection of badass RC planes that will let you be your own pilot.

We have handpicked only the best ones for you based on different criteria. Dig in to make the most of some intelligent engineering.

Best RC Plane Ever


Avail of the finest remote airplane, the HSD Gray A1 Skyraider V2, you could find in terms of quality and exceptional features. The brand name HSD should suffice. All exemplary models of the highest quality are hangared under the aegis called HSD. The warbird dons a winged-nose that looks downright gorgeous in the skies. It is an oversized product that would take your breath away when you have a peak at it in reality. With a 63 inch wingspan and a length of 48.5 inch this is a monster remote control aeroplane that is only built for ruling the skies.

Best Value for Money RC Plane


Money is one of the most crucial and deciding factors whilst making an investment. A lot of our decisions are based upon how much money we have in our pockets. When it comes to RC airplanes this important quotient still holds true. Keeping this in mind we have selected the best RC plane for you. If you want to buy a cheap RC plane, the Mustang P51D Warbird is the answer (I’ve also given the list of the Best RC Warbirds here). It features 2.5 GHz spread spectrum technology that ensures a fast response time. It consumes less power and glides like an eagle. It packs in a complete package with 4 channels namely, rudder, aileron, throttle and elevator just like any airplane would. They are RTF rc planes – meaning they don’t require assembling. The transmitter of the remote control plane can connect to the computer and thereby act as a flight simulator.

Best RC Plane for Beginners


It would be foolish to invest in something expensive and then ram it into wreckage. Keeping that doctrine in the vanguard, we have handpicked the following inexpensive warbird for beginners. The Flyline P-51 Golden Eagle is part of the range of remote control airplanes with a wire stand that ensures the safety of the product. With the assistance of the stand, you can fly the remote control airplane inside your house too. Also, whilst flying outside, chances of it getting lost boils down to zero. The airplane performs exquisite stunts and dives as well. The best part of these beginner rc planes is that it doesn’t crash whilst doing so because of the stand. There is a multi-player mode you can avail of wherein a friend of yours can challenge you for racing or combat.

Best RC Jet Plane

Some people have a thing for jets. Something about the sleek design of it makes them make a visual hoot. Doesn’t it make you reminiscent with Top Gun memories? If you are an ardent jet follower, you are going to love this jet rc plane, the J-Power A-10 Thunderbolt Desert Camo. This A-10 Thunderbolt is the best amongst all RC jet planes. The desert camouflage color gives it a superb look. Right from gorgeous jet engines to ailerons and the cockpit, everything in this airplane looks exactly like an original jet. It is manufactured with EPO foam which seals its longevity. All the components incorporated in the making of this rc aeroplane are top-grade. It has five channels. The fifth one apart from the usual four is actually a retract landing gear which makes for a smooth landing.

Best RC Planes for Kids

Don’t you just love it when you make a kid smile? When you gift a kid something that he/she remembers you by? We have remote controlled planes especially made for kids. The P-51 Mustang model is the best remote control airplane you could get for your kid. There are different color options available here. Choose the rc airplane kit that your kid fancies the most. The design would suit your kid’s taste. Children have a knack of picking up things quickly. They wouldn’t have any trouble learning how to fly the easy-peasy rc model airplanes. It isn’t that costly either.

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