Battle Boredom With the Next Generation Remote-Controlled Tanks!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a long-time fanatic of remote-controlled toys! If you haven’t been keeping track, technology has come a long way since driving around an RC car in your driveway. From quad copters to RC submarines, you can pilot pretty much any type of remote control hobby toy that you can imagine.

But for me, there’s one remote control device/or vehicle that stands superior to all others: a remote control army tank!

What guy doesn’t love an RC tank? They’re big, powerful, and can fire explosives! It’s the ultimate man machine! So as soon as I found out about remote-controlled tanks, I just had to get one. But which one?

Don’t worry, I’m going to share with you all the research I conducted when determining which hobby RC tank would be my new favorite! With many options in the market of remote control tanks, this quick guide will make sure you pick the perfect RC tank for you without blasting a hole into your wallet!

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All-RC-TanksRemote-Control Battle Tank

» Affordable: Check Price Here

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Heng Long tanks are well-known in the RC tank community. At such an affordable price under $60 (Best Price Here), this makes for the best RC tank for anyone aspiring to start their own RC tank collection, without having to spend too much. This is the perfect remote-controlled tank for those who prefer to practice their hobby indoors, as it performs best on flat, smooth terrain. For the price you’re paying this is just pure ‘great value’, and you’re getting a lot more BANG for your buck than some of its costlier competitors. An excellent buy for anyone, including adults, young teens and as birthday and Christmas gifts. It’s a sure winner in many peoples eyes! In Stock Here

RC Sherman Tank

» Approx. $200-$250: Check Price Here

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Now this tank is about 4 times the price of the tank above (Best Price Here), but it has it’s reasons. It boasts top quality in every aspect you need for a tank. So regardless of its price, it’s so popular and highly reviewed and talked about by it’s customers and you’ll see why. This full 1/16th replica of the US M4A3 RC Sherman tank boasts features such as realistic sounds, smoke, and the moving turret that is standard among all the RC tanks that shoot airsoft rounds.

The only bad thing I can say about it is that this product (seriously, it’s not even a bad thing, but only ‘downside’) is that it still uses AA batteries instead of the battery pack featured in most high-end hobby RC tanks (but then again, it’s price isn’t in the range of those expensive tanks anyway). Overall it’s an awesome product for a semi affordable price.

If you don’t like the idea of batteries and prefer a battery pack, you can upgrade to a higher-end RC tank, such as the Taigen 1/16 RC tank, that comes with a rechargeable battery pack, see below! Only 1 Left In Stock Here

German RC Tiger Tank

» Approx. $400-$500: Check Price Here

» Full Product Info: Click Here

German-Tiger-TankThis is the cadillac of remote-controlled tanks! With an astonishing level of detail, this full 1/16 tank replica (Best Price Here) crushes its competitors with features that you wouldn’t think possible from a hobby engine tank! With a full 360-degree turret, realistic smoke effects, simulated kickback from airsoft rounds, and even metal LED headlights, you certainly wouldn’t do this remote control tank justice by calling it a toy!

Best of all, this one comes with a rechargeable battery pack (remember the AA battery issue I was talking about above? This is no longer a problem here), so you won’t need to worry about stocking up on AA batteries – that’s a bonus for me as batteries are a pet hate of mine. If you’re fully committed to participating in the quickly growing RC tank community, you can’t do any better than this, you’ll have everyone jealous over your new found RC hobby. 5 Left In Stock Here


» Affordable $: Check Price Here

» Full Product Info: Click Here

RoverI know what you are thinking right now, this isn’t a tank? Well it is and it isn’t but I couldn’t help to include this high up on my list because it’s an awesome gadget! While not your traditional remote-controlled tank, this gadget (Best Price Here) is loaded with modern technological features that make it a hit for any age group AND it’s one of the only that is a remote control tank with camera. With a free and easy-to-use app, you will be controlling your new favorite toy from any Android or Apple mobile device.

Though the app you will not only be able to live stream both video and audio, but the app also makes it easy to post your videos or photos directly to your social media accounts. With built-in, 2-way audio you’ll be able to remotely talk your way out of trouble if your spy mission is compromised! By far the coolest features of this modern style RC tank is its authentic night-vision camera – it’s not just green tinting that you’ll see on many “night-vision” devices. This means that this product truly lives up to its name, and is almost assuredly the most popular spy tank available today. In Stock Here

German Tiger RC Tank

» Approx. $50: Check Price Here

» Full Product Info: Click Here

At an original price tag of $170, NOW APPROX. $50 (Best Price Here), this is one of the better bargains going on in the family of remote-controlled tanks. However, the price reduction may be due to its mostly luke-warm reviews. This is a great buy if you’re mostly looking for an RC tank for more kids and teens, if you are an adult, go for any of the above or below for a serious RC hobby.

If you’re looking for a bit more performance, you will want to look at the slightly beefier RC battle tanks like the German RC Tiger Tank or the RC Sherman Tank. But, this RC tank still performs, and you really can’t go wrong with a $50 price tag, like I mentioned, for kids and teens, it’s A+. 7 Left In Stock Here

RC Battle Tank

» Approx. $200-$250: Check Price Here

» Full Product Info: Click Here

While it may not be quite the quality of the German RC Tiger Tank, it does come with a slightly lower price tag (Best Price Here). This 1/16th M1A2 replica has many of the bells and whistles one expects when spending more than a couple hundred dollars. It has great attention to detail, high quality machinery, and realistic sounds and smoke accompanying the airsoft volleys.

The best thing about it – you can climb up to 35 degrees on angle, which is very superior for RC hobby tanks such as these. For those looking for a serious hobby and that wow-factor to show off, this is the one you need as it’s the most authentic and functional RC tank for serious fun. Order Now for Fastest Delivery

Russian Tank

» Approx. $120-$150: Check Price Here

» Full Product Info: Click Here

Russian-TankThis is one of the best value RC tanks you’re going to find, when it comes to quality and affordability. At barely over $100 (Best Price Here), it doesn’t sit too far below some of the hobby-level remote-control tanks. It’s one of the best looking radio-controlled tanks on the list, and it performs great too. At 160 degrees, the turret is a little bit more limited than some of the other tanks that shoot airsoft rounds, but its price tag more than makes up for that. I definitely would give this one a look if you want a great tank at a good price with excellent functionality. Only 8 Left In Stock Here

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level RC tank, or you’re ready for a bigger commitment, this list will arm you with knowledge needed to pick the perfect new RC tank to fit your needs!

2017 New Releases

Some other great options in regards to new RC Tanks include any of the following new releases:


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