When looking at buying an RC Tank, there is quite a few to choose from and with a variety of price ranges, from cheap RC tanks to expensive RC tanks that are quite professional for the RC tank obsessed.

We have listed the Top RC Tanks that you should take a look at to help you out in deciding which has the best features for you.

Besides, that, using an RC tank is freaking awesome. It’s an remote control hobby that you can use in so many different landscapes, providing hours of enjoyment both indoors and outdoors. Here’s a simple guide on how to use a remote controlled tank, no matter how simple or high-tech it may be.

Using An RC Tank

Step 1Using-an-RC-Tank-1

Choose an RC tank that fits both your budget and needs.

Step 2

Choose some cool locations, you can choose anything, but keep these handy points in mind:

  • Sand can clog up the gears
  • Grass / Weeds can jam the tank wheels

Using-an-RC-Tank-5This isn’t to say you can’t use them in these terrains, just know before why you tank may stop for a while as it may need a clean.

Step 3

Charge batteries for both the remote control tank and the remote control. Tip: Try and buy re-chargeable batteries if you can.


Step 4

First time you use your new rc tank, use it on a flat, even surface as this will allow you get used to how to control it. Using it on a difficult terrain will make it more difficult to control when first using it.

Step 5

There is lots of different turns and features of tank, it’s time to learn these and also learn the additional features of each tank. Tip: some tanks have some cool additional features when using both joysticks on the remote.

Step 6

Try using the sprint function and also the climb function on different terrain as most RC tanks travel at faster speeds to allow both of these features.

Step 7

Last and very importantly, clean your remote control tank after each and every use. Remove the batteries also.

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Been playin' with remote control devices and gadgets since about 6 years old with the first ever RC car I got for Christmas. Good or bad, I ain't sure but it's a childhood hobby/addiction that I can't seem to grow out of.

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